Thursday, September 27, 2012

31 Days to Better Grammar and a huge headache.

So I just realized tonight that MONDAY is the start of the 31 Days blog series, and I have done not one thing to prepare for it. My thought was that I would do a 31 Days to Better Grammar kind of thing, but that thought originated in September when I had nothing but time on my hands. Time that I apparently did not use wisely because I am in no way ready for a solid month of anything other than regular NFL refs and pumpkin-flavored everything.

(On a side note, please go to Panera and have a toasted pumpkin pie bagel with cream cheese. Your mouth will have a party.)

Actually, I did do one thing to prepare, and here is the fruit of that labor:

I imagine for tech-savvy people, this button represents about ten or fifteen minutes' work, but for me it was the better part of two days spent debating the perfect shade of green around the outside (even now I want it to be more of a robin's egg blue) and the font that I'm still not crazy about. But do you think I'm going back to the editing software to change it at this point? Not a chance. It took me a week to recover from all the indecisiveness, which may be why I haven't tackled any other preparations.

And then just today I found out that I'm supposed to link to one spot on my blog where readers can find all 31 days of posts without searching high and low. I don't even know how to get all the posts in one place to begin with, let alone figure out how to give someone directions there.

So the stress of 31 Days hit all at once this afternoon and sent me to bed with chills and a headache, and here I lie (yes, it's lie, not lay), complaining about it in 500 words or fewer. (Please don't ever say 500 words or less—I will come completely unhinged.) (On second thought, disregard that last parenthetical statement. I might need to use the less/fewer lesson on one of the 31 days.)

In addition to the promise of a month's worth of daily grammar lessons, I have a few other things on my plate.

We've been trying to refinance our mortgage for quite some time, and due to circumstances way beyond our control, it's been put off repeatedly. We were supposed to close Wednesday for it to be final by the end of September, then found out on Tuesday that it wasn't going to happen until next Monday, which is the beginning of the next month, meaning we would have a big interest payment up front, and honestly, I can think of better things to do with a $1000. Like put a new transmission in my car. Or maybe half a transmission. Yes, it's gasping its last breaths. (Did you notice the its and it's in that sentence? Another lesson.)

On that note, I'm going to take a pain reliever and go to bed.

31 Days will be here soon enough.

Be thankful ~

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