Monday, September 24, 2012

Guess who came to visit!

Princess P!

It was kind of a last-minute thing when the regular fairy godmother wasn't available on what is usually Mommy's day off. I don't remember the last time I saw P, but her family moved away a few months ago. She's gotten so big and grown-up! She talked non-stop and kept us laughing.

Last time I kept her, she cried when Mommy left. This time, I told her we would have lunch and go for a walk. I asked her if she wanted lunch or a walk first, and she answered, "When Mommy goes," as in, "Hurry up and leave, Mother, so we can have fun."

So Mommy left and P decided on a walk first. Of course, we had to take Beastie-boy, but a funny thing happens when P is around—Pete is on his best behavior. We might need to keep P here.

Then we came back and had lunch. And we negotiated TV time (which never happened). She drives a hard bargain.

She was excited that she finished her lunch. I can't believe I'm saying I miss toddlers.

Then we decided we had to have a picture with Pete, but guess who wouldn't hold still . . .

Man-squared had to make him lie down.

Pete is the epitome of patience with P (until the huskies show up)

and he has a fascinating ear.

Then we sat in the rocking chair for a while, trying to chill out a little before naptime. That's when we discovered Monkey had a hole is his neck. Looks like he's had a tracheotomy.

I offered to fix him, and P considered. At first she wanted Mommy to fix him. But then she realized Mommy was at work and it would be a while, so she decided I could. We went to my bedroom to the sewing drawer and got a needle, thread, and scissors. When she saw the scissors, she got nervous and said, "You not going to cut him. No." and I assured her that I was only going to cut the thread, not Monkey.

So she sat in my lap and watched while I stitched Monkey up, and then she laughed and hugged him when he was all finished. It's stressful to watch your buddy go through surgery.

And we took a few more pictures

of those beautiful

blue eyes and

awesome freckles.

Then it was naptime, and before she even woke up, Daddy and her brothers were there to get her.

Come visit again soon, P!

Be thankful ~

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