Friday, April 18, 2014

F is for Friday. And fatigue.

Before I started working full-time, I did not understand the significance of Friday evenings. When I was young, they were for having fun. Now, not so much, unless your idea of fun is lying comatose on the bed, trying to will your body to the shower.

This week was particularly rough, and will forever be known as the week of the really bad translation, which doesn't mean much to you unless you're the one editing those translations. This week we had three. 

So I'm super glad it's Friday. 

Here's a glimpse at the good parts of my day.

My sweet niece's save the date card. 

Warm chocolate chip cookies. 

A toasty fire. 

Believe it or not, I wrote that post on my phone so I could use pictures I had there. But when I got to the last photo, I couldn't get the cursor below it, so I just quit. And came back here (on the laptop) (the old-fashioned way) (this seems to be a theme with me) to finish.

Now I'm finished.

Good night.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


I realize I'm confusing my social media, but my old photos are on my computer which I still have not synced with my phone or my iPad, so here we are, doing things the old-fashioned way.

I'm praying extra for these two today. They are adventuring in Nashville, their home-to-be this summer. One of them is quite apprehensive about how it's all going to work out—something about not having a job, etc. The other one is stressed out because her current home was broken into twice this week, once while she was there sleeping.

Would you pray for them? Pray for safety, pray for jobs, pray for God to open doors and make their way plain. Their mama thanks you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Tuesday has consisted of fixing the formatting in lots of bibliographies, converting endnotes to footnotes, and a trip to the farm for three jugs of fresh milk, two dozen eggs, and around 75 pounds of hormone-and-antibiotic-free beef. 

Tomorrow is Wednesday, so that means gym first, then work, then church. I'm tired just thinking about it. 

Can it please be Friday now?

Monday, April 14, 2014

I miss my blog. It seems like every day something happens that starts a train of thought I want to put down in writing, but then I get home, make dinner, clean up, take a shower, and it's time for bed. Working-girl problems, for sure. I hope someday I have time to be a real blogger again.

In the meantime, Here's a quickie list of recent happenings.

Ben and I spent a day in Virginia Beach. Breakfast at Cracker Barrel, walked the whole 5.5-mile boardwalk (Why do they call it that? It's paved, not boards.), had a slice of bad pizza, and drove home. It was lovely.

Leah's house was broken into while they were sleeping. That's what happens when you leave a window open in the city. I'm glad she's moving.

It's pollen season, and so far it hasn't been bothering me. It's the Plexus. (More on that later.)

Work, work, and more work, but I'm thankful for a job that pays the tuition.

Pete is living at home while Abbey and Leah go check out their new home city in Tennessee. He picked up some bad habits while he was living in a house full of girls: drinking out of the toilet and taking off at full speed as soon as you open the door. And he sheds just as much.

Tomorrow is tax day, but the day after is free-coffee-at-Wawa day. Don't forget to get yours!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday visit.

In case you were wondering, the new banner photo was taken in Fort Walton Beach with my iPhone, which I'm convinced takes better pictures than my DSLR. (If you weren't wondering, just ignore that last sentence.)

When I was a kid, my grandparents, who were farmers, used to come to our house on Sunday evenings for "tea." Sometimes that was a pan of lasagna, sometimes a burger or a sandwich, sometimes a pizza, but we always got together on Sunday nights for a family visit. Ben and I are trying to do more of that these days, whether it's going to see my parents or hanging out with some of our kids. Life goes by so quickly, and we never get these days back. We're trying to make them count.

Today Ben and I drove south to go to church with Mansquared and Abbey, but before we left, we checked Google Maps and Mapquest for directions. NEVER again. It was 112 miles, mostly on 2-lane roads with no lines and crumbling edges. And an abundance of dead skunks.

In Virginia, we don't use a groundhog to tell when spring is coming. We just start counting the roadkill.

After church we all drove to Lynchburg to have lunch at Abbey's house. Ben had smoked a Boston butt yesterday, so we brought pulled pork and buns, mop sauce, slaw, and broccoli/cauliflower salad. And potato chips and blond brownies. It was such a delightful day we sat out on the back deck enjoying the warm sunshine. And the neighbor's screeching peacock. It added such a nice touch of ambiance, especially since it made Pete a nervous wreck and he paced back and forth trying to jam his head between the bars for a better look.

After stuffing our faces and me forcing everyone to eat two (or three) brownies so I wouldn't have to bring any back, we made the two-and-a-half-hour drive home on blessedly wide, lined roads, which now seems amazingly tame after the harrowing trip down this morning. It's all about perspective.

And somehow it's Sunday night and tomorrow starts another week of work. It's amazing how fast it goes.

Be thankful ~

Saturday, February 22, 2014


I have many, since I never take the time to write anymore.

1. I am having a hair crisis that won’t quit. Same style for more years than I can count except to say one of my children was an infant when I got it cut like this. And they’re all in their twenties. I’m afraid there’s going to have to be an intervention.

2. Watching other people train for half marathons and marathons makes me a teensy bit jealous, but I am nowhere near being ready for anything other than a quick two-miler. I attempted three this morning and wound up doing a lot of walking, and now my hip hurts. I’m sure forgetting breakfast didn’t help, that whole you-have-to-have-something-to-run-on thing being what it is.

3. There are dead skunks all over the roads lately, the first indication of spring in Virginia. But on the bright side, I’m getting good at turning off the heat and vent before I get to one, so I can minimize the smell in the car. It’s like the latest driving game.

4. I’ve been thinking lately about the whole aging thing. I think that’s normal when you’re 52 and daily confronted with the fact that you can’t do the things you once did with ease. I used to get frustrated with Ben because he refused to admit he couldn’t work as hard and/or long as he used to. But then I realized I do the same thing, only in different areas. He wants to be able to cut and split and stack firewood for ten hours with no break. I want to be able to run 12 miles in 2 hours and five minutes. I don’t think either one will ever happen again. And that’s sad. It’s like burying a part of yourself that you loved.

Well, that became much more depressing than I meant it to. I really am a happy person, really. I promise the next post will be positive!

Be thankful ~

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The rest of the story. And more.


I just sat down to put together some information for prospective homeschoolers and I couldn't shut up. Just like that—BAM!—I remembered how much I love to write! How do you forget something you really like? It's like forgetting to eat chocolate.

Anyway, when we last left our hero, she had wrecked the car and spent a night in the ER trying to breathe through bronchitis and pleurisy. The rest of the story goes like this: A week (or two? or three maybe? It's been so long I'm a little loose on the timeline.) after Abbey's initial accident, the one in which her daddy's car was totaled, she was on her way to campus in her truck. She was sitting at a light with another car behind her, when some jack-weed football player plowed into the guy behind her, who plowed into her, which pushed her into the guy in front of her.

Yes, the girl is an idiot magnet. Lucky for us, the truck was still driveable and she was already on a first-name basis with the chiropractor. The funniest part of this whole thing is that both of the drivers who caused the two accidents she was in have Farmer's insurance. The Farmer's guy in Lynchburg loves us.

Now the story jumps to October and Mike's wedding in Florida. Ben and I drove down the week before to get some beach time and entertain the grandbabies (and their parents) for a few days before wedding mania set in. The plan for the kids was that Abbey and Elijah were going to drive up to DC Thursday night and stay with Leah, and then all three would fly down Friday morning.

Well. You know what they say about plans, right?

Abbey called us Wednesday night to inform us her truck was at a friend's apartment and would not start.

Fan. Tastic.

Did you know you can't rent a car without six forms of ID, proof of city residency, and a blood sample? It's way easier to commit voter fraud.

After spending 24 hours on the phone and exhausting all other options, I called Melinda (the recent college grad who we've adopted as #6 and who lives with us, and whose car, incidentally, is sitting in the front yard. Broken. Yes, it's an epidemic.).

Melinda would drive my car to Lynchburg and pick up Abbey and Elijah. They would all drive home to our house. A and E would drop Melinda here (who was dog sitting for us) and then drive up to Leah's, to make the early Friday flight.

And guess what. We all made it there and we HAD A WEDDING!


It was a gorgeous setting, perfect weather, and aside from the best man's (Mansquared) inability to get the knot out of the ribbon holding the rings on the little pillow, it all went perfectly.

Don't we look like a stress-free bunch?

Ben and I decided that next time, we're taking the week before AND the week after a wedding off. We need the time to recuperate.

See you in January for the next bimonthly blog update!

Be thankful ~