Friday, September 28, 2012

This and that.

This will be short since I am still suffering from flu-like symptoms, and my bed is calling. But I wanted to share a few photos before I forgot about them.

First, somewhere along the road of life, we came into possession of an old, wrought iron sewing machine stand. Ben just told me last night where we got it, and I've already forgotten. It's a gift I have. Anyway, we have a few things like this that we move with us from house to house that serve as points of joking contention between us. I ask why we keep hauling _________ around, and Ben says because he's going to build something/use it for something/etc. someday.

Well, the old sewing machine stand has finally made it to the big time. Ben built this beautiful table out of it. He told me what kind of wood it is, but I don't remember (that gift again).

Isn't it lovely?

At some point in its life, the stand was either broken and welded back together, or maybe it was just constructed this way to begin with, but the SINGER logo in the middle is upside down. I think it gives it character.

Second, when I woke up this morning in my flu-like fog, I noticed the weather was reflective of my head, and snapped a few photos of the woods out back.

I'm no pro, but I do enjoy playing around with my camera, and every once in a while I accidentally take a picture I like.

And finally, I don't remember what I was looking for last night (can you imagine?), but in my quest, I ran across this photo of Pete when we first got him. He was 10 weeks old. Look at that face!

And now I'm going to sink back into my fog. Nighty-night.

Be thankful ~

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