Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday stuff.

Abbey and I switched lenses again today, which we do every so often. Now I have the 50mm f1.4 on my camera. So this afternoon while she and I and Man-squared were hanging out in my bedroom with all the shades closed to keep the hot sun out, I snapped a few pictures.

Angry Birds.

Afternoon coffee.

Happy mutt. Isn't he photogenic? That's his one good trait.

Concentration. Man-squared is the Angry Birds champion of our house. Probably because he's the only one who plays.

Learning to shoot a silhouette.

Then I went outside and snapped a few pictures of the hummers. Okay, it was more like 53, but I'm not putting them all up here.

Even with a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second, her wings are a blur.

How do I know it's a female? Because these are ruby-throated hummingbirds, and the females have no ruby; only the males do. Isn't that sad? She needs more bling.

I wondered if it might be a juvenile, but then it would have some gray-brown streaking on the throat, which it doesn't. It's a girl.

A hungry girl. Every time another hummer came near the feeder, she dive-bombed it. On second thought, maybe she's a teenage boy.

Be thankful ~

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Kayla said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I have long wondered why God made the male species in the animal kingdom so bright and beautiful. In the human world, it is the females that feel the need to adorn themselves to attract the men. I get this feeling that God was trying to get us to learn something from the animal kingdom...