Thursday, August 16, 2012

How many trucks . . . never mind.

Abbey went back to school today for her LAST semester. Can I get a A-MEN? You would think she would have this down to a science by now. That packing would be a breeze. That she would know there's only so much she needs for one measly semester.

Oh, no. The longer she goes, the more stuff she takes, and this trip topped them all by a long shot. It took four of us to pack the trucks.

Did you get that last word? Trucks? Yes, that's plural.

This is a sofa they're carrying out. A sofa to go to college with. Because there's no way we're going to sit on the floor and watch football. We must have a reclining sofa.

This all started a few weeks ago when Abbey and I were out scavenging in thrift stores, and we walked in one and saw this sofa:

You can read the story of it here if you want. I'll just tell you that we brought the new one home and couldn't wait to throw the old one off a cliff. But Abbey had an idea (go ahead and say uh-oh). The house that she and her "family" all hang out at on Sunday afternoons has a couch, but it's not much of one. I couldn't imagine it was any worse than this one, but she insisted. She called the guys who live in the house, and all she had to say was "it reclines," and they were hooked. So this morning, we loaded it in Man-squared's truck, along with Abbey's desk, two chairs (yes, two), and rubbermaid tubs. The extended cab of this full-size pickup is also loaded with food and other "necessary" stuff.

Then we loaded Abbey's truck with a bookcase, huge suitcase, more rubbermaid tubs, and garbage bags full of clothing. And I think there's a pillow pet in there somewhere. She was very proud that her craft box wasn't the biggest one there. A craft box? I never took a craft box to college.

Anyway, we got them loaded up and on the road. As I walked back in the house, all I could think was, "It will take a U-Haul to get her home."

I miss her and all her stuff already.

Be thankful ~

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