Saturday, August 11, 2012

A few random tidbits for a Saturday morning.

If you've been here for just a little while, you know I love birds. So this summer I asked Ben to hang a hummingbird feeder where it wouldn't drip on the deck (it attracts ants). But then we (the boys) started demolishing and rebuilding the deck and the feeder kept getting moved. The last time it wound up in bright sun, which isn't good for sugar-water, so we took it down for a while. Then Abbey and I noticed the hummers were flying around the deck every day looking for their food, so we took matters into our own hands and shoved the pole down in a big pot of flowers at the edge of the deck where no railing has been put up yet.

(Isn't it amazing that I can make a story about a hummingbird feeder this long? It's a gift.)

So in my haste to get the food out there, I made up the mixture and boiled it, then poured it into a glass measuring cup and put it in the freezer to cool it quickly.

Then promptly forgot about it.

The next morning, Man-squared opened the freezer looking for waffles and stopped in his tracks. He said, "What the . . . " and I immediately answered, "Dang. It's the hummingbird food."

I took the measuring cup out of the freezer and Man-squared said, "Well, they can chip it out . . . "

Lucky for the hummers, we have a microwave, and they are now happily sipping out of their feeder.

Also, this morning I got this picture of Button from Deb

with the caption: someone is a SERIOUS morning person. She says he wakes up this happy every morning.

I can tell you where he did NOT get this from.

And finally, YAY, PAUL RYAN!

Be thankful ~

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Kayla said...

Yay, Paul Ryan! Also, you would really have to be converted into becoming a morning person if you saw that little face every morning! Don't you think?