Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday's post about last Tuesday.

Last week on Tuesday (I'm a week late with this), Leah, Abbey, Cori, and I went to the Museum of Natural History up in DC. We didn't leave until late morning and had to be home in time for Tuesday night Bible study, so we didn't let any grass grow under our feet, but we had a good time anyway—once we figured out how to buy metro tickets, which is not nearly as simple a procedure as it used to be.

I wanted to get inside the glass and give this big guy a hug. Doesn't he look like he's waiting for it? He's calling to me . . . here, little human . . .

We found Dori (or is it Dory?)

and Nemo

Cori gave us her moose impression. Very realistic, don't you think? One of his antlers is bigger than she is.

And Abbey compared her leg to an elephant's.

We got to see just about everything in there, including the very unimpressive Hope Diamond. Big rocks just don't do it for me. Then we just had enough time to run to the fountain in the sculpture garden and stick our feet in before we headed for the Metro

with a stop on the Mall to Tebow in front of the Washington Monument.

Then Saturday Leah and I went up to NoVa to look at a few apartments, and we stopped by her school so I could see where she would be teaching this year. It's the number five high school in Virginia! Woot!

Since I've had a cold all weekend, I haven't done much other than sleep, read, and fold a few baskets of laundry. Tomorrow I'll try to get up and actually do something. I have a recipe coming, as well as a new project I'm working on little by little.

Be thankful ~

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