Thursday, May 17, 2012

Home again.

Those of you who are friends with me on facebook know that with a little sprinting through the Cleveland airport, daughter Leah and I made our connecting flight yesterday and were home by 9 pm. As we were flying in over the mountains of western Virginia, we just stared at all the green. It only takes a few days in the high desert of Nevada to realize you like a little humidity and grass in your life. Don't get me wrong, the desert is beautiful in a very rugged way, and the thing I loved about Las Vegas was that you could turn around in a circle and see the mountains everywhere. The lack of any moisture in the air, however, was hard to take. My nose was sore, my skin looked like the back of an alligator, and we drank two cases of bottled water in four days. And there's just something really odd about having static electricity in your hair and clothes when it's 95° out.

So I was very happy to get home. Until I tried to go for a run this morning. My legs screamed, my lungs heaved, and I cut a five-mile run down to three. That may be the first time I've quit a run early, but, baby, that humidity killed me. Tomorrow I have another short run and that's it until Sunday.

Here's the forecast for race day:

Sun May 20

Few Showers
Few Showers
Chance of rain: 30%
Wind: NE at 8 mph 
Now in the interest of conserving energy and carb loading, I'm going to eat a blond brownie and go to bed early.
Be thankful ~

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