Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Las Vegas Day 3: Schools and Hoover Dam with a little French thrown in.

This will be the shortest post in the history of vacation posts because I am so. very. tired.

This morning Leah visited a middle school on the well-to-do side of town. She loved the school and I loved the area. Of course. We both have expensive taste. Then in the late afternoon we went out to see the Hoover Dam, which was pretty cool even though it was 95° and we were not feeling all the walking. On our way back through Boulder City, we stopped at a tacky tourist shop and looked at overpriced turquoise jewelry that we were assured was handmade by Navajos. Except that the Indian lady in the mall back in Virginia sells the same stuff. Anyway, I decided we needed food more than we needed $75 rings, so we left. After that we came back to the hotel and chilled a little bit, then went to dinner and now we're back home behind our locked and bolted door hiding from the prostitute on the corner out there, and no, I'm not kidding. They don't call this Sin City for nothing.

Anyway, here are just a couple of photos du jour.

The view from the ritzy neighborhood.

Standing atop Hoover Dam looking out on Lake Meade.  The white shows where the water level used to be. There's been a drought since 2008, so the level is down a lot.

Standing on top looking down. I was feeling woozy doing this. Woozy is a medical term.

I don't have pictures of myself with any of my kids at very many famous landmarks (do I have any?), so this is pretty cool. Some random woman took it for us.

It is now my turn in the shower and then I have a date with my very comfy bed. Au revoir.

Be thankful ~

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