Friday, April 27, 2012

P52 Weeks 16 and 17: Things that Grow and Green

I missed last week because I was busy being dragged through a 10K by a girl I don't know named Heather, who is one of the Six-Mile Turtles. If you missed that story and care, you can read it here. I'm making up for it by posting a photo this week that covers both themes, Things that Grow and Green.

(Taken with my new 50mm f1.4)

For more Green photos, go here.

Be thankful ~


Deny said...

Great shot, I love it! I cant wait to get my 50 mm, I am still shooting with the lenses that I bought the camera with..

Nics Cahill said...

This is a brilliant shot. I love the papery texture of the garlic, contrasted against the green shoot. Oh I want to go and cook with garlic, right now.

Donna said...

Great composition

Sara said...

Enjoy your 50!

I love the little sprout of green popping out.

...melody... said...

Simple and to the point! Great shot! :)