Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday morning nonsense.

Well, it's not completely nonsense. First I want to share this photo of the cutest baby on the planet figuring out he can crawl on his hands and knees. He's so excited about it!

Yesterday afternoon I went to the farm to get our weekly milk and wound up yakking with my friend Kelly for a couple of hours. By the time I got home it was almost 4 o'clock and I needed to make butter, eat dinner, fold laundry, and get dressed for church. So I threw the cream in the mixer, covered it with a towel and went off doing other things. Somewhere in there Ben called and said, "Hey! Meet me at Bonefish for dinner before church. I'm leaving now."

And so began the mad dash to get out of the house in five minutes. I threw on a skirt and put on some mascara. Brushed my hair for the first time that day. Back to the kitchen to assess the cream/butter situation and was greeted with a huge mass of butter sloshing whey all over the kitchen (that's the watery white liquid that's left when you make butter). It was literally running across the counter, mere seconds from hitting the floor. So I grabbed towels to soak up the mess. Stopped the mixer. Dumped the remaining whey and started the process of rinsing the butter with cold water. I never got to adding salt, just crammed the butter in a container and threw it in the fridge.

So today I will salt the butter, finish cleaning up the whey mess which is now under the marble slab the mixer sits on, vacuum the house, and work on editing a manuscript.

But first I'm going to run 3 miles and do Pilates. Because sweat makes everything better.

Be thankful ~

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Deborah said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get around to brushing her hair until supper. I made it my goal this week to fix my hair before lunch. Isn't that sad?