Friday, March 23, 2012

P52 Week 12: Hunger

I just read The Hunger Games last week and now I'm craving the second book and can't wait to see the movie, but since I'm not a midnight-crowd-lover, I'll wait until next week and go to a matinee when nobody's there. I'm just weird like that.

And of course, like I usually do, I procrastinated with this photo. But yesterday I was working at my desk when I spied movement outside the french doors. In the fall I watch squirrels bury their acorns in the planters on my deck. Then in during the winter and spring, they come dig for them, throwing dirt all over the place. Unfortunately for this guy, I just cleaned out the planters and threw all the acorns out in the yard.

Sad day for him. I actually took a whole series of him sitting on the edge of the planter, jumping down in the dirt, digging around, and then sticking his head up with dirt all over his face, looking like "What happened to my stuff?" But alas, only one photo allowed. And this one obviously says he's hungry.

For more "Hunger" photos, go here.

Be thankful ~


amelia.barrows said...

What a cool picture! Its neat that you see it come full circle- burying them in the fall then coming back to find them in the spring. Sorry it wasn't worth all the hard work for this little guy!

Mrs. T. said...

I really LIKE this photo! :) said...

Oh my gosh! Too cute.

Sarah Huizenga said...

The little hard worker! I would have loved to see all the pictures. Sounds adorable.

Donna said...

Cool picture. I would have loved to see the rest. Perhaps a follow-up post?