Sunday, March 18, 2012

A little somebody I met under the deck.

While I was lying on my bed reading The Hunger Games (Oh, my word. What a book.) this afternoon, I kept hearing a funny noise. Honestly, I thought it might be a young pileated woodpecker, which I've been trying to get a picture of, so I grabbed my camera and went searching. I thought the sound was coming from the bushes in front of the house, so I walked that way, but soon realized it was under the deck. As I came around the corner from the front of the house, I saw something little and brown dart into a drainage pipe, so I backed around the corner and waited. Pretty soon (chipmunks are curious), he peeked out.

We watched each other for quite some time until I started getting a cramp in my shoulder. Obviously he wasn't going to come out with me standing there. He just kept chirping like he was telling me to go away. I'm still on my quest for photos of the pileated woodpeckers I know we have.

Be thankful ~

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Anonymous said...

I would love to hear you take on the book!