Friday, February 10, 2012

P52 Week 6: Drink Up!

Oh my. I hesitate to even write this post. I feel like I should have some kind of gross-out disclaimer here.

Once again I procrastinated all week because I am nothing if not consistent. Thursday night I sat at my desk winding up an editing project, looking around for some representation of the theme Drink Up that wasn't totally lame.

I spied my water bottle, which I carry with me everywhere I go. I took a few shots of it from different angles, then zoomed in for a close-up of the water drops on the inside. Boring. Then I stood up and shot from the top. Lid closed. Lid open. Then instead of focusing on the view of it I normally see, I focused on the bottom of the bottle through the water and hoped that was different enough to qualify as not-too-lame.

It's less than imaginative, but I've always said creativity isn't my strong suit.

Not able to leave well enough alone, I headed for the kitchen looking for something else to drink up when I spied the container of Oreo cookies just begging for a glass of milk. I took great pains to stack the cookies just so, fiddled with white balance, and came up with this lovely shot of my cookies and milk.

And the stray hair on the bottom two cookies.

Just keeping it real.

For more, hopefully hair-free, Drink Up shots, go here.

Be thankful ~


Samantha Kelley said...

That is hilarious-you know I would have never noticed the hair, right? said...

Love the water bottle shot--I had to wonder what was at the bottom of your photo:) Sorry-lame--yours stuck out to me when I scrolled through the photos at 52--great job.

Kayla said...

Your water bottle shot it cool...I didn't know what it was. As for the hairy Oreos....hmmm....10 second rule? I have been known to pick various items off of Oreos in our house and still eat them. I am sure there are a lot of people that can relate.

Julie Anne said...

LOVED this... hair and all! I just enjoyed a hair-free oreo myself... and it's not even lunch time yet!! :)

I think your shots are definitely much more imaginative than mine!!

Jenny said...

Oreos and milk are so yummy! LOL about the stray hair.

Dusty Coyote said...

Love your water bottle shot! What are you talking about!!! Fantastic eye and creativity! The milk shot is very nice too...but wowza to the water bottle!!

Sarah Huizenga said...

Great water bottle shot. Love the reality of the hair on the cookies!!

Light Trigger said...

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