Monday, February 6, 2012

Little baby Mac.

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know when I say that this life? It is busy.

I was supposed to edit all weekend but instead went grocery shopping, hunted down a Haynes manual for fixing a Volvo S70, bought running shoes, cooked a bunch, went to church, and bought a new computer for Abbie. And there's always the laundry and dog hair, but they're a given on any day.

Abbie called her daddy last week and lamented the sorry state of her Dell laptop, which is a mere three-and-a-half years old. It's been having more and more problems: overheating, picking up every virus that comes along, refusing to run unless it's plugged into the wall, and most recently, refusing to run at all. Basically it's been dying a slow, painful death, gasping and wheezing since about the fourth month she had it.

When I walked into the kitchen, I heard Ben saying to her, "Sweetheart, I'm going to hand the phone to Mom. Here's what you need to say to her: Mom, my computer is a piece of crap and I need a Mac. Okay? Here she is."

I took the phone and said, "Hi, honey," and she immediately started groaning and apologizing for being soooooo expensive. I would reassure her that she's not, but she really is. Her school is twice as expensive as any of the other kids', she drives a pretty sweet little truck, and art students have to buy SO. MUCH. STUFF.

Anyway, we talked a little, I finally got her to say what her daddy told her to say, and we made a plan to get all her music, photos, and documents off the old computer.

So Ben and I walked in Best Buy Sunday afternoon and threw down $1200 for a MacBook Pro that's nicer than the one I use. For just a minute I thought about keeping it and giving her my old one, but that's not what mothers (or fathers) do. We got it all set up for her, installed Microsoft Office on it, and I took it to her today. We met in a city about halfway between us, had a burrito with her friend Cesia, and I gave her the computer and cords and external hard drive with these instructions:

Don't let anyone else carry it. Be very gentle with it. Treat it like a baby.

I gave her and Cesia a hug, got in my car, and drove away. A few minutes later I got this picture from her:

Do they make rear-facing carseats for Macs?
Be thankful ~

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