Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, Monday.

I am happy to report that winter is moving along quite nicely here in Northern Virginia. It's the middle of February (just thought I'd throw that out there in case you haven't looked at a calendar lately), and we just had our first snow, if you can call it that. Saturday afternoon it came down like gangbusters for about 10 minutes and then blessedly stopped. And all the people said Amen.

I'm sorry for all you snow lovers out there, but I'm counting the days until flip-flop weather. My life's philosophy is something along the lines of if God wanted us to wear wool socks, we'd have been born with them on.

In other news, a couple of weeks ago we had a few young people here on a Saturday afternoon, and while they are totally cool with sitting on the floor, we realized we desperately needed more seating in the living room. With tuition bills looming, I thought my best bet would be Craigslist, and I was right. I found these very old but quite awesome chairs:

I feel like we need an old man with a pipe sitting in this one.

In still other news (riveting, I know), I started my 13-week training plan for the half marathon today. Mondays are always easy, Tuesdays are for speed work, Thursdays are just an average run, and Saturdays are for long runs. Week 1, day 1 down. Twelve weeks, 3 days to go.

Be thankful ~

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