Thursday, November 10, 2011

More on the cupcakes.

Well, look at me, blogging twice in one week! If I'm not careful, this could become habit-forming.

Yesterday was my second trek into Georgetown, this time with my cousin Cathy, who lives in Idaho but comes to DC occasionally for business. Since she was staying in a different part of the city, we decided to meet at the Rosslyn Metro station and walk across the Key Bridge into Georgetown. It was kind of early for dinner, so we walked around the university for a while, gawking like the tourists we were and taking pictures.

Beautiful architecture.

Whenever I come across a statue, I stop and take a picture for Abbie's sake, but I stopped short of sitting down and playing a game of chess with him. This is Jan Karski, a Polish man who lived through the Holocaust and somehow is credited with helping the rest of the world understand what was going on there (the plaque didn't say exactly how). He spent the later years of his life as a professor at Georgetown.

After we had our fill of sight-seeing, we headed toward M Street, where all the food and shops are. We had a great dinner at the famous Clyde's of Georgetown, and then made a bee-line for you know what, where the full dozen sucked me in because somehow six amazingly incredible cupcakes just didn't seem like enough.

The first one didn't make it out the door.

Cathy and I in front of my favorite store on earth. What you can't see by this picture is that my bag of cupcakes is three times the size of Cathy's. Can I blame it on Man-squared?

In other news, daughter #4 was here last weekend (she of the beautiful brown eyes) for some babying and a fresh batch of granola. Here she is obeying Ben and keeping her foot up with ice on it (sprained ankle).

The babying thing worked really well until Sunday afternoon when we had a houseful of people who wanted blond brownies and Abbie called with a lost-in-Roanoke emergency that required my full attention and the help of GoogleMaps plus Mapquest, both of which were wrong, and Noelle wound up cleaning up from lunch AND making the brownies. I'm not sure that did her ankle much good, but on the upside, dessert was fantastic.

I'm sorry about the events not being in chronological order, but I have to deal with these things when I get the photos downloaded (or is it uploaded?), and that only happens sporadically. And now I'm going to turn into a pumpkin.

Be thankful ~

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Catherine said...

Such a great time! And that's a picture of Aunt Ethel and Auntie Ann when they were younger, right??? right?????