Monday, November 14, 2011

It was more of a climb than a hike.

Last Saturday a few people from our Sunday school class went to hike Humpback Rocks again, the same place we went last April where Man-squared gave my heart palpitations with his acrobatics on the cliffs overhanging a valley thousands of feet down (at least it seemed like it at the time). The weather was perfect.

According to tradition (ours), every hike starts here:

The trees up high were bare, but lower in the valleys, there were still some pretty colors:

My super-fantastic sun flare photo. I need some practice.

Heading back up after hiking D-O-W-N for an hour and a half. We got halfway up and had to choose between two sides of a loop back to the parking area. After much deliberating, Ben chose the long one. Yes, that's it. We'll blame Ben.

This is the view everyone goes for:

Even though he took us the long way, I'll keep him.

Be thankful ~


Sarah said...

Gorgeous. Even without excessive fall colors.

NaomiG said...

Beautiful! Love a good hike!