Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ABCs for today.

I've been fussed at my almost everyone in my family now for not blogging since November 2. But I have great excuses. I've been working a lot, traveling some, having large parties of college-age people at my house, and trying unsuccessfully to keep the dog hair swept up.

Because of all the activity, all my RAM has been redirected, leaving none for the blog. So to help me out, I'm going to use the ABCs.

A is for the two apples that are drying into shriveled masses on my counter since we started using the woodstove and it's usually 80 degrees in here.

B is for bananas that I just bought when I went to Tar-jay after going to the gym tonight.

C is for cupcakes, which you will understand in a few minutes. I have cupcakes on the brain.

D is for dog hair. What else?

E is for Man-squared, whose real name is Elijah. He told me a few weeks ago after hearing some good preaching about Elisha, that I should have named him Elisha rather than Elijah. Either way he's an E.

F is for Franconia, which is the name of the Metro station I'm going to get on a train at tomorrow to go see my cousin Cathy in DC.

G is for Georgetown, where we will have dinner at Clydes and then visit the world-famous Georgetown Cupcake store, which will charge me $15 for six cupcakes and I will gladly pay it.

H is for huff and puff, which is what I did for 5.03 miles today. My first five-miler!

I is for something, I know it is. I just can't think of anything right now.

J is for Joy, who has pictures of last Saturday's firewood stacking party (which I could have blogged about, but I left my own camera at home), only I don't know where she has stored them. I'll try to find them.

K is for Karin (not me), the German lady in my Strive class who speaks English very well except for the word with. She always says mit, which is German for with. I love her.

L is for Leah, who danced at a wedding last month. If you went to BJU, you'd understand why that's such a problem.

M is for magpie, which is a bird that never shuts up. When we were kids, my two older brothers worked on my grandfather's farm. He called them magpies because he said they talked when they should have been working. Oh, the memories.

N is for Navy, which we spent 20+ years in, and now John McCain wants to take away the health care for life that we were promised.

O is for the oil in my car that I think needs to be changed. Or maybe I'm just using that as an excuse because I can't think of anything for O.

P is for Pettit (Steve), who we are going to hear preach Friday night. If you ever get the opportunity, go hear the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team. The music is amazing and the preaching is super.

Q is for quit, which I would like to do right now, but that would be lame. (You thought I wasn't going to think of one for Q, didn't you? Come on. Admit it.)

R is for rebel, which I have just a teeny bit of in me. I won't explain, but I shocked my yesterday with it.

S is for supper, which, after a five-mile run and a Pitaiyo class, I would like to eat three of.

T is for truck, whose motor Ben and Man-squared are going to work on hooking up tomorrow.

U is for updog, which I did many of in Pitaiyo tonight. So many, in fact, that my upper back is sore.

V is for vote, which I did today. Did you?

W is for Wally, my youngest nephew whom I have not yet seen. I hope to be able to hold him before he's a year old.

X is for x-ray (you knew that was coming), which I had to research today (not the actual x-ray, but the word). Did you know that it used to be standard to capitalize the X, but in the 16th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, that's been changed, and now you lowercase the x? And also, when using the word x-ray in title case, you only capitalize the X but not the ray, because the part before the hyphen cannot stand alone as its own word. So now you know.

Y is for yogurt, which is my favorite breakfast with homemade granola in it, microwaved for 30 seconds so it's all warm. Y is also for YUM.

Z is for zero, which is how many letters are left. Amen.

And herein ends the reciting of my alphabet day. You're welcome.

Be thankful ~

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