Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yesterday I went to my parents' house to see them and all three of my brothers. Two of my sisters-in-law were there, as well as my niece Anna and my "fourth daughter" Noelle (of the beautiful brown eyes). The occasion was that my baby brother Tom is home from Vietnam, where he currently lives, for a month. So of course we had to get the obligatory family photo:

We had a fun time laughing about lack of hair, tuition bills, and the fact that when we get together, we talk mostly about food. Because we have priorities.

One sister-in-law made a cake that was bigger than a bowling ball and included a carrot cake mix, spice cake mix, a can of pumpkin, and cream cheese icing. Really you could put cream cheese icing on a bowling ball and I would love it. Between the cake and the pulled pork and cole slaw, I went over my calorie limit for the next two weeks all in one afternoon.

So today I compensated by eating a Chipotle burrito for lunch. Why diet today when you can start fresh on Monday, right?

Tomorrow it's back to reality.

Be thankful ~

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