Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The fam.

Back in June we had all the children home at one time and took the opportunity to take a family photo. Unfortunately, it was right after church but before dinner, so everyone was starving and we were moving a little too quickly. We got everyone arranged on the couch and snapped a few, then got to the important stuff: food.

When we uploaded the pictures after the children were gone, we realized there were two huge windows right behind us, so the faces were dark.

Abbie + Photoshop to the rescue. She had to make it black and white in order to get rid of most of the highlights, but here it is:

When did I become the mother of five adults? And a mother-in-law? And a grandmother of two adorable boys? I'm not sure, but it's more fun than ever and I'm so thankful for each of them and for God's continued blessing on our family. Thankful for our great health and that each one is happy and successful in his/her own way.

Be thankful ~

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Jen's Busy Days said...

I am looking forward to that feeling you describe of wondering "when did it happen" while still enjoying this very busy stage of life with both a toddler and a teenager and 2 in between.

I think one of my biggest motivations for becoming a mother was so I can become a Grandmother, an awesome one! :)

Best wishes
Jen in Oz