Friday, October 14, 2011

Why they really come home.

Abbie brought two friends home from college for the weekend. She assured me it wouldn't be wild because they had a lot of homework to do, and sure enough, as soon as they had eaten lunch, the computers and books came out.

Here's Erin working hard on facebook.

Marly concentrating on a text.

Abbie might actually have been working on a paper here, though I'm sure Pinterest isn't far away.

But the real reason they came home lies in the bedroom. See all those lawn & leaf size garbage bags? They're full of dirty laundry.

And enchiladas are in the oven. Smart ladies.

Be thankful ~


Eleanor Joyce said...

Awww... and I know you're thrilled to have them there...laundry or not!

Unit said...

My foyer is filled with piles of dirty baseball practice clothes and uniforms, and bags of dirty laundry. We seem to be running the same type of diner/laundromat arrangement here for our college kid. Fall break, at its finest! :)