Monday, October 17, 2011

Definitely a Monday.

Yesterday my car had a temper tantrum. It would start and then immediately die. So today I called our mechanic-y place and had it towed in. They called a while later with a bill of $761 for an air flow control motor and an induction service.

Not too long after that, Man-squared's friend Jeremy called to say he had fallen out of a tree this morning and landed on his head/neck/upper back. He was in the hospital in a neck brace, had a concussion, and they were checking for internal bleeding and broken bones.

Then Leah called and said the friendly folks at Bob Jones University's Public Safety office informed her that her right rear tire was completely flat in the parking lot. A couple of guys offered to put the spare on for her, but they weren't sure where to put the jack under the car. She called home and Ben talked them through it. She'll be buying tires today. Also, when she was putting her violin back in its case, she noticed a joint had come apart and her bridge is cracked. She'll also be buying some instrument repairs.

Then I got this text from the normally easy-going Abbie:

           Man, I am so mad at the world today!! I haven't PMS-ed like this in a long time!

I wrote back that we needed to hurry and go to bed so it could be Tuesday, and she replied:

           Tomorrow I have a physics test. Not any better.

I'm really hoping we won't have two Mondays this week. Leah and I can't afford it.

Be thankful ~


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