Monday, October 31, 2011

The weekend in review.

What a great weekend! It began early Friday morning with me loading foamies, blankets, and way too big a suitcase into my car in the wee dark hours. I walked through the garage tip-toe-ing, listening for any sound that might indicate our neighborhood bear was lurking about. To say I was on edge would be an understatement. When I was sure I was alone in the dark driveway, I started walking toward my car and apparently hit the panic button on my key fob.

I've never come so close to peeing myself.

When I could breathe again, I finished loading my stuff and got on the road for Lynchburg. I got there just in time to hop on the LU bus with Abbie and Marly to go to convo (convocation = 3-times-a-week church with the entire student body of Liberty). When they're all there, the Vines Center is full. Can you imagine having church with this many people?

So fun! I wish I could go every week.

The LU praise band. They're awesome.

Abbie and Marly

I love being a college student for a weekend. You get to have all the fun and there's no homework.

After convo, we had lunch and got on the road for Greenville, South Carolina, and Leah. When we arrived, it was cold, windy, and raining. We were more than a little worried that Saturday would be the same and our race would be miserable. But we quickly got distracted by our plan to carb load at Chipotle, because we do our best girl bonding over burritos and guacamole.

Saturday was sunny and beautiful in spite of being 40°. We dressed as Super Homeschool Mom (me) with her two dorky homeschooled children (Abbie, the boy; Leah, the girl).

They played their parts well.

Some of the other costumes were great, but we only had time to get this photo of the best mullet ever.

At the finish with our medals. We ran slow as molasses but had a great time in spite of the fact that when Leah threw up her hands and shouted "Yesssss!" she almost broke Abbie's nose. We're looking for a 10K now, but Abbie says she's not running next to Leah.

And the weekend post wouldn't be complete without mentioning that when I got to the gym this morning, I saw that the staff members were dressed in costumes. There were a cat, a mime, one of the X-men (I think), and Waldo. I was riding the bike when Steve Urkel came around the corner:

After that I need a good dose of Monday.

Be thankful ~

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Casa Cannon said...

congrats on the race!! That is fantastic! there is a veterans 10k in the city next sunday if you want to try it!