Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recap before the weekend.

Tomorrow I'm heading out for a weekend roadtrip with two daughters, but before I'm allowed to leave, I've been told I have to blog. So here's a recap of the week.

1. Abbie borrowed a white dress shirt from Dillon on Tuesday. Or is it Dylan? Either way, Dillon/Dylan had this new shirt which had not been washed yet, and Abbie borrowed it. I can't begin to explain the intricacies that led to the borrowing of this shirt, but it happened. A short while later, Abbie noticed she wasn't feeling quite right. Then she looked down and saw that she was covered in hives. Proof that even at college age, boys still have cooties.

2. Man-squared was driving to work last night and was pulled over for speeding, but only got a verbal warning, not a ticket. This is significant for two reasons. One, he was driving the car that Ben always gets tickets in because the speedometer has been off since we had the transmission rebuilt several years ago, a fact that everyone in the family knows to be true except Ben, even though he's the one who gets the tickets. Two, Ben never gets warnings. If he sees the blue lights, he knows the ticket is coming home to Papa. Everyone else in the family gets out of tickets either by crying or saying, "Yes, sir" four thousand eight hundred seventy-two times.

3. Our renter called to say she is moving out. We gave a car away. I applied for a job with the Virginia General Assembly and the wait is killing me. I was told for the third time that runners are made in the pool.

Saturday is my second 5K race, this one with daughters 2 and 3. I'll be back Monday, hopefully with photos.

Be thankful ~

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