Saturday, October 1, 2011

A note from college.

This weekend I am a college student once again, except that the others call me either Mrs. S. or Mama S and thank me profusely for the dinner of homemade spaghetti with sausage and garlic bread. One of them said (while stuffing his face) "I miss my mom." Twenty people in that tiny apartment last night, and once dinner was served, there was complete silence. That was the highest compliment.

 But none of this stopped them from killing me twice in three rounds of Mafia, even when Abbie threatened them.

And then I slept until 9:11, proving that you can take the girl out of college, but you can't take the college out of the girl. I'm glad to know I've still got it.

Today we're going to see Oklahoma! and then driving home. I'll be back tomorrow with photos.

Be thankful ~

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