Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yes, it's been a long time.

Eight days since I've blogged. Where have I been?

Editing a book. And a website. Running and training and doing Pitaiyo and Pilates. Cooking and doing laundry, but unfortunately for my house, no sweeping up of dog hair. Arranging doctor visits for the daughter who gets bronchitis EVERY fall at Liberty University. And making plans for my visit and race with Leah, which is exactly one month from today. Every time I think about it, I dread that mile-long hill. *shudder*

This weekend Man-squared and I will be visiting Abbie at school to see the university's production of Oklahoma! (That exclamation point is not the end punctuation of my sentence, although I AM happy to be going to the musical. It's actually part of the title of the play. That's why it's italicized. If it weren't italicized, you'd know it was the end punctuation of the sentence. Just wanted to clear that up.) There are big doings in the works down there that I can't tell you about yet because some of her friends read this, but I'll come home with pictures.

Be thankful ~

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