Thursday, October 20, 2011

The grandbabies.

Two weeks ago (Yes, I'm behind.) Abbie and her friend Cesia went to Deb's for their fall break. It was somewhat of a culture shock to Cesia, who is from LA and has no experience with country living. Having to watch out for snakes has never been part of her thinking. But they had fun with my grandbabies and sent me a few photos.

Button loves Cesia.

Friday night is homemade pizza night, and Bean loves to help. Deb gets all the toppings out, and Bean eats the olives while she's making the pizza. What two-year-old eats olives? And with such gusto?

Honestly, do they get any cuter than this?

Aunt Abbie reading Button a story. Or maybe trying to coax him into taking a nap.

If I've learned one thing being a grandmother, it's this: the rate at which babies grow is directly proportional to the distance between Grammy's house and theirs.

Be thankful ~

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