Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"A friend loveth at all times . . . " Prov. 17:17

Remember last week when I went to Georgetown to see an old friend and I said I wasn't going to put the dorky picture up here?

I lied.

I actually just got the dorky picture yesterday and now I feel that in the interest of full disclosure, it must be made public.

Picture the two Karens at their eighth-grade graduation in this very pose, and you'll understand our level of dorkiness:

Does the fact that we're still posing like this at the age of 50 tell you anything about the kind of friends we were (are)?

Karen was the person I told EVERYTHING, including the fact that I wanted to be the president of Chase Manhattan Bank someday. That little tidbit slipped my mind while I was spending 21 years homeschooling five kids, but she reminded me. It's not looking like that goal will ever be realized, and at this point, I'm okay with it.

Karen was also the one whose house I spent many a night at, hiding behind the false wall in the basement smoking cigarettes (my mother will kill me), and who lived right down the street from the water tower that we climbed (my daddy will help). Yes, we were partners in more crime than I should admit in a public forum. Thank God for the statute of limitations.

And now that we're 50, the second-least-athletic girl in school is training for a marathon and kicking the least-athletic one in the butt while I try to run a 5K.

Do you have an old buddy you haven't seen in 27 years? Don't put it off any longer. Life is short; celebrate friends.

Be thankful ~

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