Friday, August 19, 2011

Two days in a row. This might be a record.

It reminds me of last week when Ben announced the Mets were on a one-game winning streak.

Today I drove from Northern Virginia to the Jersey shore, a five-hour trip. It took a little over seven hours. I hit the DC beltway at 2:30 pm, never a good idea on a Friday. Then I got to Baltimore around 3:30, even worse. By the time I was approaching Delaware it had started raining, and everyone knows you slow down to 20 when it rains. That continued all the way over the Delaware Memorial Bridge and onto the New Jersey Turnpike, where things took a turn for the worse and came to a standstill. Human nature hit a new low with people cutting through the rest stops to pass traffic sitting on the road.

But it was all worth it when my nieces walked in the door with two pizzas from Vesuvio's. I'll sleep well.

Be thankful ~

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