Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Isn't it just so true that you never know what a day will bring? You get up thinking you'll answer a few emails, go to the gym, do some work, cook dinner, and somewhere along the way there's an earthquake that sends all your plans down the drain.

I won't bore you with the details since, if you have facebook or twitter, you're sick to death of hearing about it, but I will tell you a very sweet earthquake-related story.

This afternoon I was standing in my bedroom folding laundry. Man-squared was in his room doing homework.

Then it hit. And when I say hit, I mean HIT. There's no build-up to an earthquake. The house just starts shaking violently and there's a loud rumbling noise. Never having been through an earthquake before, I thought Man-squared was throwing furniture around his room, except that wouldn't explain why the mugs on the shelf were rattling toward the edge and the ceiling fan was flopping like a fish out of water. As I ran to the living room shouting, "Elijah!" he came out of his bedroom with a panicked look and we both figured out what was going on. So in my calm, cool, and collected state, I yelled, "Get outside!"

Man-squared grabbed me by the arms and started shoving me toward the garage, shouting, "You first! You first!" which I was only too glad to obey, calling for Pete on the way.

Only later did I stop to think that my boy was getting me out of the house first, before himself, and I almost cried.

That's a man.

Be thankful ~

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Leah said...

I did cry! Love you, Man-squared!