Saturday, July 23, 2011


I looked out my bedroom doors today and saw this guy in the bushes way out back.

He's got his head stuck in there searching for whatever keeps bringing him back. We see him all the time.

When I grabbed my camera and opened the door all stealthy-like, he stopped and looked up at me.

But he didn't run like he usually does. He just stood there watching me tip-toe across the deck. I didn't have time to go get the zoom lens from Abbie, and I was trying to get to the rail so I could use it as a tripod with my prime lens. He just kept standing there, and finally I got this one.

He kept his eye on me until I went back inside, then he turned around and went back to eating.

Ben went fishing last week and brought home a bucket of fish guts for the garden (think Indians showing the Pilgrims how to grow corn), and it's still sitting way out by the woods. I keep waiting for our resident bear to show up. Hopefully I'll have the zoom before then.

Be thankful ~

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