Monday, July 18, 2011

Saturday's confessions continued.

1. I don't think I finished one thing I started over the weekend. I have half-written blog posts, two-thirds of the photos I need to post the Crack Potatoes recipe, a partially edited E-Book, most of a grocery list, a lot of the laundry done, and six quarts of beans that are washed and snapped, waiting to be put in the freezer.

2. Tomorrow may not be any better. I have a Pilates date with Abbie, a military ID date with Ben and Man-squared, and a buy-a-lot-of-food date with the commissary. Somewhere in there I need to finish the E-Book. And run two miles.

3. Abbie made cookie dough Saturday and had the brilliant idea to freeze it in cookie-size pieces, so now every day we have fresh oatmeal-whole-wheat-dark-chocolate-chip-cherry cookies hot out of the oven. I've given up losing any more weight until she goes back to school.

4. A few months ago, we took the hot rod to Firestone to get an estimate on some work we needed done. Yes, it's old. Yes, it has over 200,000 miles on it. Yes, there's duct tape residue all over the driver's door from when the window wouldn't work and we had a garbage bag taped over it. Now the only window that works is that one. No A/C, no temperature gauge. Anyway, the guy told me it wasn't worth putting any money into. He said, "That car won't go another five miles." Since then, Ben has driven it to work and back most days (45 miles round trip), drove it to Tennessee (1300 miles round trip) to work on our house, and just got back from Ohio (800 miles round trip) where he was visiting friends and fishing.

No, that car won't go another five miles.

Be thankful ~

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