Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Best slogan ever.

Two of my daughters have been talking about moving to Austin, Texas, after they finish school. One will get her master's degree next May and the other will have her bachelor's the following December. They hate the cold, love the heat, and are currently swooning over Texas. They decided on Austin because they are both studying the arts (music and studio art, respectively) and it sounded like a good fit. (I think the real reason is that it sounds like an awesome adventure.)

So this morning I was glancing over the Yahoo news headlines and saw this article about cities with the most jobs and cheapest housing, so I clicked on it, and wouldn't you know, Austin is #5 on the list. Lots of jobs in the arts, good housing, thriving music and education, and their slogan is "Keep Austin Weird." My daughters will fit right in.

I ran my two miles this morning in the 178% humidity, came back and drank two 20-ounce glasses of water, and still felt thirsty. Abbie and I are going to Pilates (in the air conditioned Mind/Body Studio thankyouverymuch), and then Man-squared and I are going up to the Marine Corps base to get our military IDs renewed and buy food. I'm a little nervous about taking Man-squared grocery shopping with me—you know, that whole burn-it-faster-than-he-eats-it thing.

Have a great Tuesday!

Be thankful ~

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Leah said...

I couldn't care less where we go as long as it's not too far from the beach and winter isn't more than 8 weeks long:)