Sunday, May 15, 2011

I just sat down to write a Saturday Confessions post when I realized I had some photos on my camera that I never put on the computer. Apparently it's been a busy week because I have stuff from days ago that I'd forgotten about. Remember when I said we had Petunia here for a couple days?

P's favorite plaything is Pete. As soon as she gets here, he gets a toy and they have a stare-off.

Whatever he has, she wants, and she immediately begins trying to get it from him.

She's very patient, but she's persistent.

The only thing that bothers her is the slobber (she is her mother's daughter).

Sometimes she has to back up and regroup. Formulate a new plan.

She finds a different way to grab it—a loose piece.

It looks like she might get it this time.

Pete appears to be giving up.

But no, he snatches it back and runs away. P is not used to being denied.

Be thankful ~


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