Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm always whining about how I have nothing interesting to take pictures of, but I know I'll never get better if I don't get the camera out and get snapping. So tonight after supper when I heard Man-boy and the neighbors down in the cul-de-sac playing basketball, I grabbed my camera and ran.

Why, yes, that IS Man-boy dunking with a cast on one leg. In related news, we just got the bill for the ER visit from the last time he played basketball—$2,624.50—and can I get an AMEN for the great insurance that paid all but $25 of it? I've learned over the years to look at the "patient pays" column first. Then I can go look at the total charges and laugh.

Some of my favorite photo subjects were playing tonight. B lights up in a cheesy grin as soon as he knows there's a camera.

Look at those freckles!

Princess P is a little more serious. She doesn't quite have the hang of peek-a-boo yet.

Love those blue eyes!

Cooley was allowed to come down and play until he tried to get eaten by a Chesapeake Bay retriever. Then he got banished to the house for his own safety.

In other news, Sticky Bean has apparently decided he's going to be a lefty. This photo came in a text from Deb the other day. Both Ben and I replied right away, "Put a baseball in that kid's hands!"

Great minds think alike.
Be thankful ~


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