Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturdays go by way too fast.

Not much to report. Abbie and I went to the gym where I broke the 12-minute mile mark. Not by much, but all it takes is 10 seconds and I can officially say I made it and lived to tell the story. Two minutes into my run, a guy got on the treadmill next to me and started huffing and puffing whatever garlic-laced food he had for dinner last night. It may have made me run faster just so I could get out of there.

Then Abbie and I spent the afternoon discussing The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, which is actually a very good book. It's only about 150 pages—a really good read. The part where he made the decision to become morally perfect just cracked me up.

Then we spent some time playing around with each other's lenses (we have the same camera), and decided to swap for a few weeks.

When the mail came, I was excited to find that my new business cards were in it. I immediately began handing them out to family members.

I told them, "Now whenever you see a misspelling somewhere, hand them a card and tell them your mother is an editor."

The two dyslexics in the family wondered how they would know if they saw a mistake.

Be thankful ~


ps. Just so you know, the dyslexics comment was made by them, not me, and they approved its use on the blog.

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