Friday, February 4, 2011

A happy birthday post for Mike.

The first thing I realized when I sat down to write a birthday post for Mike is that we have no pictures of him. Twenty-six years and all I could find were seven photos, and most of those I had to rob from facebook. I believe that gets me the lousy-mother-of-the-year award.

Maybe it's because I was so busy trying to figure out how to BE a mother. Yeah, that's it. They say you make all your mistakes with the first child, and truer words have never been spoken. But Mike's a survivor and very forgiving, and for that we're thankful.

By now you all know Mike is in the Air Force. He's in tech school in San Angelo, Texas. I don't know what he's studying. He could tell me but then he'd have to kill me, so I'm happily ignorant.

You also probably know that Mike is tall, and by tall, I mean he towers over everyone. Here he is with a buddy at basic training graduation. Note that Mike is not standing on the curb.

Before Mike went in the Air Force, he graduated from James Madison University with a degree in political science. Here he is with his senior seminar group:

And with some of the College Republicans at CPAC:

Mike is also an uncle (notice we always find a way to get Sticky Bean in here?). Little kids love Mike because they're waaaay up high.

Mike is also a self-taught guitarist. He picked one up when he was younger (10? 12? How old, Mike?) and has been playing ever since. He's quite talented and also has an amazing voice. He sang with my brother at Deb and David's wedding and it gave everyone goosebumps. He's written and recorded a few songs with his brother and sisters, and can even make himself sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

It's not easy overcoming your parents' stupidity, but Mike has done that and more.

Mike, we are so very proud of the man you've become and thankful for your service to our country.

Be thankful ~


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