Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thankful it only lasted 2 minutes and 8 seconds.

Being the extreme football fan that I am, I skipped the Super Bowl and went to church. (No offense to those of you who love your teams. It's just not my thing.)

When I got home just a few minutes ago, facebook was SMOKING with complaints about the singing of the sort-of-national-anthem, so I had to go look it up. As I knew would be the case, The Huffington Post had the video up, just waiting for me. If you haven't heard it yet, you can listen here. But be forewarned; it was worse than awful. Mike said his entire squadron booed.

Way to make us the laughing stock of the world, Christina. We Americans can't even find someone who knows the words. Why do we worship these idiots?

Not feeling very thankful ~



NaomiG said...

AMEN. I get so peeved about that whole business of having a famous *begin sarcastic voice* "musician" *end sarcastic voice* sing the national anthem. The national anthem is NOT ABOUT GRAMMY WINNERS HAVING A PLATFORM TO PROMOTE THEMSELVES. It is about the NATIONAL ANTHEM, hence the name "national anthem". Therefore, everyone in the stadium should have their hands on their heart, and everyone in the stadium should be singing, perhaps simply getting the starting out help of a random person who can carry a tune.

Ok, I totally ranted, sorry about that. You struck a chord with me, clearly. :-) I went to church too... sorry, but the Lord takes precedence. :-)

Mike Sargent said...

The Marines in Stanlandistan/Iraq came up on screen right after she jacked it up -- the looks on their faces pretty much said what we all were thinking.

"Hey Christina, we're gonna show up at your house in the middle of the night, and make you do pushups until you get the words right."

I blame Roger Goodell. But since I am/ being trained to not complain without a solution quickly following, I hereby offer my singing and/or organizing services to the NFL for every Superbowl until I die. If they don't want me, I'd be glad to ask Tops In Blue for them -- save the NFL the phone call. Let the military sing the national anthem, and the overpaid, overrated dullards from Suckweaseltown can do the halftime show.

Anonymous said...

It irritated me, too. And I also got a kick out of the football players saluting when someone from "Glee" was singing "America the Beautiful" and then another one with his head bowed during "The National Anthem". Maybe they need to have an etiquette class before the next big game.

~Lisa, The Karate Mom

Heidi said...

We don't have tv service, but I heard about the fiasco on FB. Thanks for the link. That is simply PATHETIC.

pk said...

Thank goodness our Heavenly Father is more forgiving than our earthly brethren. For all of those critics out there: pray your mistakes are smaller than Aguilera's, and hope that people will be gracious enough to overlook them.