Sunday, February 20, 2011

Car shopping: take one.

Today I ventured out to do my least favorite thing: car shop. I chose a big dealer in town that advertises "no-haggle" prices, which essentially means "pay us what we want and don't ask any questions."

So I walked in and immediately started asking questions, all of which were answered by two very friendly salesmen, Adam and Jeremy (I think. Or something that starts with a J. I was a little preoccupied, and anyway, that's what business cards are for.) I was impressed right off the bat that Adam actually knew what Bob Jones University was. And he was a music major too. Now he's selling used cars.

Leah, things are not looking good for you (that's my daughter, and she's a graduate music student at BJU).

Anyway, I went there for the sole purpose of driving a Honda CR-V, which I did, and I was underwhelmed by it. It's a 3300-pound vehicle with a 4-cylinder motor in it. I knew this before I drove it, but it was made very clear once I got behind the wheel and tried to accelerate up a steep hill. Honda, I love you, but that baby needs more horses.

Then I sat in a Honda Pilot, and let me tell you that is the most basic, no-frills $25,000 vehicle ever made. Lots of plastic. Two strikes.

Then just for grins I sat in a 4-door Civic and I might love it, or at least like it a lot. I'm going to go back and drive it plus some other small SUVs. I just can't make a decision in one day—I've got to spread out the agony.

More to come . . .

Be thankful ~



Catherine said...

Hoo boy, that would kill me. When I go car shopping, the decision is made that day. Period.

Good luck with the hunt!

Heidi said...

You too, huh? Our van is pretty much done for (needing over $5,000 worth of repairs that I'm not willing to put into it) - so we're on the lookout for a new (used) vehicle too.
Brian just bought a new Toyota Yaris last spring, so we can't afford a car payment on a 2nd new car.
I'd love a Toyota or Honda van, but they are so expensive - even used. The Camry is really my dream car, but I'm not sure it's quite time to downsize that much, when we still haul 3 kids along most of the time.