Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday update.

And the hunt continues. I've started looking at all the small SUVs: Ford Escape, Chevy Equinox, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, and I'm sure there are more I've forgotten. I've been reading reviews until I'm cross-eyed. I had to make a chart and start writing things down because just like when you're looking at houses to buy and they all start to look the same and you mix up the great kitchen in one with the beautiful finished basement in another, details have become a little muddy.

The Ford is noisy. The Toyota is rated #1 by Car & Driver. The Rogue has a continuously something-or-other transmission that you either love or hate. (I'm staying away from that one. I'd rather not make a $20,000 mistake.) Edmunds says the Honda is the best, and that makes me wonder what I missed when I drove it the other day.

My head was swimming so much I had to go make banana bread. Carbs make everything better, right? Especially warm carbs with lots of melt-y butter.

In other news of the day, there's a lot of sickness going around, but so far it's not here in NoVa.  Deb, David, and Sticky Bean are all sick with some kind of horrible cough. They've been tested for pertussis, but because today was a holiday, they haven't found out yet if that's what they have. Deb says when she coughs she holds her eyeballs so they don't pop out.

Leah is battling a very sore throat and says she's drinking lots of water and eating garlic. Good thing she doesn't have a roommate. I left her advice on facebook to gargle with apple cider vinegar in case it's strep, and her uncle who lives nearby and is a chiropractor (how's that for handy?) commanded her to come get an adjustment TODAY.

Then I got a text from Abbie who informed me she passed out in Convo this morning.  This seems to be a family malady. Apparently she neglected to eat breakfast and had a sugar drop. You might remember that Leah has a habit of doing this too. She started to sweat profusely, and then when she realized unconsciousness was imminent, she told her friends she was about to faint. Kimmy said, "Put your head between your knees!" which she did, and then fell on Kimmy's lap. What are friends for, right? When she came to, people were shoving food at her (all of this in Convocation, Liberty's version of Chapel with several thousand people) and telling her to eat. She did and recovered just fine. She'll be eating breakfast from now on.

That's it for the Monday update. Tuesday is a running day, and racquetball. And work. And getting my taxes done. And probably more banana bread.

Be thankful ~


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Mark said...

Check out a Subaru. I think they're nice!