Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's better than cookie dough.

Our church's school is always having a fund-raiser of some kind. I still have two half-gallon containers of cookie dough in the freezer as evidence of my support.

Then a month or so ago, the kids started approaching me about buying citrus fruit. And after two half-gallons of cookie dough, I kind of felt the need for some real food. You know, with actual vitamins.  I ordered a small box of navel oranges from Sam, thinking since there are only three of us at home, that would be perfect.

A few days later, Ben came home and informed me that he had bought a box of navel oranges from Bethany. A bushel.

We're working on our communication.

I'm afraid to count them, but that's a lot of oranges.

 Even Man-boy is doubtful.

Want some oranges?

Be thankful ~


1 comment:

Deb said...

Save some for us next month! I'm obsessed with anything that tastes like citrus or vinegar these days:)