Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things I learned today.

1. I learned that my gym needs an editor. I saw a sign today that said something about womens' bodies (should be women's bodies). A few weeks ago there was another one about "birthday's". Maybe it's because I've been reading The Great Typo Hunt for the last few days, but I seem to be finding more and more mistakes when I go out. I should start carrying a Typo Eradication Kit like the guy in the book.

2. I learned that I don't always need to be stuffing food in my mouth; it is very much a habit. Every time I thought about eating today I stopped and connected with my stomach to see if it really needed food or if I was just reaching for the animal crackers because I happened to be standing near the cabinet where they are. Same for the Oreos. Help me.

3. I learned that my daughters are three in a million in many, many ways. I love them and can't wait to have them all together with their brothers in one little house in December. I'm going to lock the doors and make cheesecake and not share them at all. Or the cheesecake.

4. I learned that my personality is classified as ISFJ according to a condensed version of the Myers-Briggs test. Basically that means I'm an antisocial enabling doormat. Can't say no to anyone? Check. Feel the need to keep peace at any cost? Check. Prefer a book to a great party? Check. Insecure about my own worth? Check. Go take it and you, too, can learn how hosed up you are.

Be thankful ~



Catherine said...

Oh my dear cousin, I'm an ISFJ too! Must be the DNA.

I wouldn't share the kids or the cheesecake either.


Brother Ben said...

I have much work to do! Have you been listening for the last, oh, quarter century?

Leah said...

1. I am apparently an ENSF personality. It means I'm extroverted, intuitive, something I forgot, and judging.
2. I fully support the making of cheesecake and the locking of doors.

Deborah Ann said...

Haha...I took that test too. You and I sound very much alike! And I wouldn't share the cheesecake either...

NaomiG said...

Hmmm... I am INTP. Question #21 cracks me up. "You know how to put every minute of your time to good purpose." ...except for the fact that I'm wasting my time by taking this silly test, ha! :-) Those are interesting tests though.