Friday, November 19, 2010


Well, Baby-girl came home today and has the entire week off. (Yay for Liberty U!) Smee (the fish) is in his bowl and happy to be home.

Lovely will be here next Wednesday. (Boo for BJU only giving them three days off.)

We're all ready for an awesome Thanksgiving dinner! (Yay!)

Except that Mike won't be here. (Big boo!)

And Ben is getting sick. (Double boo!)

I got a hair trim today. (Yay, Kim!) I love the way Kim cuts my hair. She understands it.

I still have a lot of gray. (Boo! But totally not Kim's fault.)

We've already given away most of the small box of oranges. (Yay!)

Since I'm sure you're sick of my schizophrenic rambling, here was the view from my deck this evening. Looking west:

That's about all we get for sunsets here. Too many trees.

Looking east:

Based on my mad photography skilz, I'm sure you can tell that's the moon coming up.

Are you still there? Hello? Hey, wake up!

Okay, I'm shutting up now.

Be thankful ~


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