Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And it doesn't make the house smell funny!

Back in June (or was it May?), Ben and Man-boy went to visit friends of ours in Washington State. The main purpose of being there other than to eat Adam's cooking was to go fishing for Steelhead, which they did. They brought home a cooler full of frozen fillets, and we've been working our way through them little by little. Adam kept telling Ben we needed to cook them on the grill and we've been trying to figure out the best way to do that.

I finally had a stroke of brilliance (or a memory-lapse lapse) and remembered I had a fish basket just for the grill. So yesterday I got it out and fired up the (very) old Char-Broil.

This would definitely work better if the grill were not older than my married daughter, but we do the best we can.

Mmmmmm, a little butter, a little squeeze of fresh lemon, a little kosher salt and pepper . . .

I was going to get a photo of it on my plate, but it wouldn't stay there. This stuff is amazing and the whole experience was wonderful . . . right up until it was time to wash the fish basket.

BIG DRAG. Anyone have any helpful hints?

Be thankful ~



Deb said...

Yes. They make Pam for grills and grill baskets. I would try that. Or go to Dollar General where they make cheap disposable grill baskets:)

Rachel said...

I LOVE kosher salt!! It makes a difference. We are so glad you are enjoying the fish. Steelhead is one of our favorites!

Catherine said...

If it's a heavy-duty basket, could you turn up the heat and burn the remaining crud first -- and then just scrape the basket with a grill brush before washing?

Kara Jean said...

I use a grill basket all the time. I simply leave it in the fire for ten minutes or so for all the bacteria to be cooked away. If it has extra crunchies I hose them off. That is usually not necessary.

NaomiG said...

I rub everything down with bacon fat first, or spray with pam. Then leave on the grill after the fact and let anything left on bake off. :-) Yum!!! Sounds amazing. Sockeye are running now up here... I'm drooling.