Thursday, May 13, 2010

Notes from all over.

1. I may hate getting new glasses more than anything else on earth. I went for my yearly eye exam two months ago and am on my third pair of glasses. I get the progressive bifocals. You'd think that since I've had them before it wouldn't be so difficult, right? You'd be wrong. Apparently the last set of lenses I had were made in Canada and we can't get them anymore. The first set they gave me this time had channels so narrow I couldn't read more than three words without turning my head. That makes for a very sore neck.

Then we ordered a different brand of lens and all would have been well except for the big drip of $100 non-glare coating that hardened in the middle of the right one. Today I picked up round three. I love the distance part, but still can't read much with the reading part. Excuse me, can I get new eyeballs please?

2. Man-boy is officially a licensed driver. PETE FROM BLUE AND GRAY DRIVING SCHOOL says he's is the best homeschooled driver he's ever had. You rock, Man-boy.

3. Skipping Pilates for a week is a bad idea.

4. Reese's Pieces are far superior to peanut butter M&Ms.

5. There is much packing and unpacking going on around here. Abbie's stuff is still in the van. Mike's stuff is in Rubbermaid tubs in the sunroom. Leah is going to start packing her stuff for Hong Kong and grad school in other Rubbermaid tubs. Abbie will then start unpacking her stuff. Man-boy just keeps stuffing his stuff in his closet, for which I am very thankful.

6. I'm going for an adjustment and massage tomorrow. Looking forward to getting rid of the head- and shoulder-ache.

7. I'm going to bed now.

Be thankful ~


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