Saturday, May 15, 2010

PhotoHunt: Half.

I forgot all about PhotoHunt until I saw TN Chick's post this morning. So all day I've been trying to figure out how to capture this week's theme, half. I've been stumped all day. And also very busy.

Now here it is, after 10 at night and I'm sitting at the family computer, which I don't normally use. Everyone has gone to bed and it's so quiet I can hear the crickets chirping outside and the clock ticking on the wall above me. Ahhhhhh, lovely.

Anyway, back to half. When I sat down and clicked on my profile, my desktop popped up and I immediately saw this picture

and was reminded that I only have half of my dogs now. This picture was taken when Pete (the big one) was just a puppy. We lost Spanky (the little one) shortly after this. Spanky was the best dog . . . my dog.

Be thankful ~


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