Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Princess and the Pete, and hair dye for college students.

Yesterday Man-boy and I drove to Lynchburg to pick up Abbie's big stuff (mostly the refrigerator that won't fit in a car standing up). I was amazed at how much stuff two college girls had crammed in that one room. We backed the (full-size) van up to her door and started chucking it all in. When we could fit no  more, we slammed and locked the door, wedged the four cinderblocks in the side door, and called it a day.

But while we were chucking stuff, Abbie's friends were stopping by to hang out (nothing in college is done without some hanging out). Man-boy taught them all a song about happy and sad llamas, and then someone got out the spray-on hair color. Always a leader, Abbie flipped her head right over and let them give her a gray streak. Kim's was red.

I offered Abbie some of mine, but she wanted hers to be temporary. Psh. Her day is coming.

In other news, we had Princess Petunia and her brothers here for a few hours yesterday.

Bailor was sitting on the other side of the bar trying to make her laugh while Ashton snapped the picture.

After Ashton left for school, we did a lot of LEGO playing

Pete's playing too. When Princess P is around, Pete is never far away.

In fact, he often stands guard.

Bailor has to crawl under Pete to get to Princess P.

Be thankful ~


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