Tuesday, April 27, 2010

There is no possible way to tie these two subjects together.

One of the things we've missed since we moved to Northern Virginia is what we call "a good whopping thunderstorm." We had them regularly in Tennessee, but I'm not sure we've had even one in the five years we've lived here. We used to get them in southeast Virginia, even had a tornado toss a pine tree across the garden one year. Our kids were devastated that it ruined all the beans.

So yesterday we were having a usual wimpy "storm" when I noticed the sound of the rain had changed. I ran for the camera to get a picture of this:

That is HAIL! Dude! Look at that stuff! It's only slightly bigger Kosher salt, but it's all we get here. We need the excitement.

About 3 minutes later, the rain stopped and the sun came out.

In other noteworthy news, I have an awesome daughter. I love her for lots of reasons, but today I love her most because she makes peanut butter cookies when I am too tired to do it.

 Isn't she sweet? And she's pretty and she cooks too. I love her.

Mmmmmm! Warm peanut butter cookies. I'll keep her.

Be thankful ~


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